June 4, 2023
General Hospital Spotlight: A Complete Guide To All 60 Episodes Currently Airing On ABC’s Free 24-Hour Streaming Channel

A look at what soap fans can expect to see on the new, free streaming channel dedicated to General Hospital. The live channel is available on ABC.com as part of its group of ABC Unlocked offerings.

Currently, General Hospital Spotlight is airing 60 “classic” episodes of General Hospital on a loop, 24 hours a day. The current group of episodes spans from February 5, 2018, through April 27, 2018.

Below is the schedule for the next few days along with summaries for all 60 episodes.

General Hospital Spotlight: Episode Guide

Monday, May 8, 20235:20 PMS55 E102 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 2/5/18)

Sam confesses. Ava can’t help herself. Carly warns Jason not to give up.
Monday, May 8, 20236:10 PMS55 E103 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 2/6/18)Curtis and Jordan team up. Alexis and Finn bond. Julian is pestered. Anna continues her investigation
Monday, May 8, 20237:00 PMS55 E104 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 2/7/18)Peter bumps into Lulu. Alexis turns to Sam for help. Julian declines an offer.
Monday, May 8, 20237:50 PMS55 E105 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 2/8/18)Anna is in denial. Drew pushes back. Sam asks for a favor.
Monday, May 8, 20238:40 PMS55 E106 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 2/9/18)Valentin stays by Nina’s side. Franco has a moment with Obrecht. Peter’s curiosity is piqued.
Monday, May 8, 20239:30 PMS55 E107 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 2/12/18)Anna and Felicia commiserate. Drew questions Franco. Finn seeks legal advice.
Monday, May 8, 202310:20 PMS55 E108 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 2/13/18)Michael takes Jason’s words to heart. Jake puts Jason on the spot. Franco is put on notice.
Monday, May 8, 202311:10 PMS55 E109 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 2/14/18)Sam lays into Jason. Sonny and Carly reminisce. Ava looks forward to her time with Griffin.
Monday, May 8, 202312:00 AMS55 E110 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 2/15/18)Nelle thinks quickly on her feet. Michael gets an unsettling phone call. Anna pays a visit to Andre.
Tuesday, May 9, 202312:50 AMS55 E111 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 2/16/18)Carly encourages Jason to find out everything he can. Drew is put in an uncomfortable situation
Tuesday, May 9, 20231:40 AMS55 E112 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 2/19/18)Jason is pitted against Drew. Anna pays Maxie a visit. Peter changes his mind
Tuesday, May 9, 20232:30 AMS55 E113 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 2/20/18)Monica surprises Michael. Olivia stands by her man. Drew looks to Curtis for help.
Tuesday, May 9, 20233:20 AMS55 E114 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 2/21/18)Alexis ends up in a precarious position. Anna makes a promise. Sam looks out for a friend.
Tuesday, May 9, 20234:10 AMS55 E115 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 2/22/18Jason looks to Peter for help. Peter knows more than he lets on. Ava’s gallery is threatened.
Tuesday, May 9, 20235:00 AMS55 E116-General Hospital (Original Airdate 2/23/18)Sonny confides in Epiphany; Griffin calls for help; Franco meets with Kevin; Anna is awkward around Finn; Kiki gets the help she needs.
Tuesday, May 9, 20235:50 AMS55 E117 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 2/26/18)Sonny feels helpless. Tensions run high at the PCPD. Ava gains confidence.
Tuesday, May 9, 20236:40 AMS55 E118 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 2/27/18)Dante worries about Peter’s intentions. Franco grows restless. Curtis and Drew work together.
Tuesday, May 9, 20237:30 AMS55 E119 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 2/28/18)Franco struggles against a nightmare. Kiki learns that not everything is as it seems.
Tuesday, May 9, 20238:20 AMS55 E120 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 3/1/18)Griffin is happy for Ava. Scott and Kevin put aside their differences. Franco has an epiphany.
Tuesday, May 9, 20239:10 AMS55 E121 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 3/2/18Franco confronts Harvey. Sam and Drew play chaperone. Jason runs into Sam. Carly confronts Nelle.
Tuesday, May 9, 202310:00 AMS55 E122 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 3/5/18)Sam looks to Jason for help. Harvey turns his back on Franco. Kiki supports Kevin.
Tuesday, May 9, 202310:50 AMS55 E123 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 3/6/18)Griffin takes charge. Ava gets time with Avery. Carly has no time for Nelle’s antics. Dante arrives in time to help.
Tuesday, May 9, 202311:40 AMS55 E124 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 3/7/18)Jason is put in a precarious position. Dante proves an unlikely ally to Franco. Ned takes himself very seriously.
Tuesday, May 9, 202312:30 PMS55 E125 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 3/8/18)Monica checks on Nelle. Carly thinks it’s time for a heart to heart. Sonny makes a bold move.
Tuesday, May 9, 20231:20 PMS55 E126 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 3/9/18)Sam is ready to take the next step. Sonny and Carly come to a decision that affects their family.
Tuesday, May 9, 20232:10 PMS55 E127 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 3/12/18)Franco pleads with Drew. Carly encourages Sonny. Peter pays a visit to Griffin.
Tuesday, May 9, 20233:00 PMS55 E128 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 3/13/18)Franco risks losing everything. Nelle shows her maternal side. Michael is propositioned.
Tuesday, May 9, 20233:50 PMS55 E129 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 3/14/18)Drew forges an unlikely partnership. Nina is put off by Peter’s interest in Maxie.
Tuesday, May 9, 20234:40 PMS55 E130 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 3/15/18)Drew grows frustrated with Franco. Alexis offers Sam her perspective. Ned loses his temper.
Tuesday, May 9, 20235:30 PMS55 E131 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 3/16/18)Griffin questions Peter. Anna vents to Andre. Maxie and Nina get good news.
Tuesday, May 9, 20236:20 PMS55 E132 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 3/19/18)Elizabeth looks for answers. Jason meets with Anna. Griffin takes a risk.
Tuesday, May 9, 20237:00 PMS55 E133 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 3/20/18)Griffin offers his advice. Sam gets a break. Liz turns to Jordan for help.
Tuesday, May 9, 20237:50 PMS55 E134 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 3/21/18)Drew’s instincts kick in. Jordan makes a startling discovery. Ava wonders if Nelle is taking things too far.
Tuesday, May 9, 20238:40 PMS55 E135 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 3/22/18)Franco is uncertain of his future. Alexis rises to Finn’s defense. Andre encourages Anna to live her life.
Tuesday, May 9, 20239:30 PMS55 E136 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 3/23/18)Sam wrestles with her feelings. Jason meets with Spinelli. Andre gets an earful from Sonny.
Tuesday, May 9, 202310:20 PMS55 E137 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 3/26/18Drew makes a decision. Julian finds comfort from a friend. Ned begins to pick up the pieces.
Tuesday, May 9, 202311:10 PMS55 E138 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 3/27/18)Jason says too much. Curtis pays Sam a surprise visit. Franco gets the wrong idea.
Tuesday, May 9, 202312:00 AMS55 E139 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 3/28/18)Sam has a moment with Jason. Drew reaches out to Oscar. Franco wonders where he stands.
Wednesday, May 10, 202312:50 AMS55 E140 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 3/29/18)Anna and Jason are at odds. Ava counsels Griffin. Lulu worries about Maxie.
Wednesday, May 10, 20231:40 AMS55 E141 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 3/30/18)Sonny does what he can for Mike. Jason and Elizabeth put their differences aside. Bobbie gives Maxie a pep talk.
Wednesday, May 10, 20232:30 AMS55 E142 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 4/2/18)Maxie feels smothered. Lulu gets the encouragement she needs. Spinelli prepares to leave
Wednesday, May 10, 20233:20 AMS55 E143 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 4/3/18)Peter manipulates a situation to his advantage. Jason worries about Elizabeth. Nina looks to Curtis for advice.
Wednesday, May 10, 20234:10 AMS55 E144 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 4/4/18)Peters wants answers. Michael works to preserve his family’s legacy. Carly and Bobbie reminisce
Wednesday, May 10, 20235:00 AMS55 E145 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 4/5/18)Elizabeth and Jake inadvertently put themselves in harm’s way. Kiki attempts to clear up a misunderstanding.
Wednesday, May 10, 20235:50 AMS55 E146 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 4/6/18)Carly confronts Jason. Kevin prefers to err on the side of caution. Nelle’s plan to sabotage Carly is in full swing.
Wednesday, May 10, 20236:40 AMS55 E147 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 4/9/18Carly is forced to come clean. Joss remains hopeful. Drew takes matters into his own hands
Wednesday, May 10, 20237:30 AMS55 E148 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 4/10/18)Drew is not ready. Sonny pushes for a professional opinion. Valentin prepares a romantic evening for Nina.
Wednesday, May 10, 20238:20 AMS55 E149 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 4/11/18)Anna has an idea. Peter has plans of his own. Maxie pleads her case
Wednesday, May 10, 20239:10 AMS55 E150 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 4/12/18)Sonny worries his past will come back to haunt him. Nina meets with Curtis. Griffin remains clueless.
Wednesday, May 10, 202310:00 AMS55 E151 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 4/13/18)Sonny pushes too hard. Carly grows determined. Stella is sympathetic. Jason balks at Anna’s idea
Wednesday, May 10, 202310:50 AMS55 E152 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 4/16/18)Carly is confronted. Nelle messes with Ava’s head. Jason moves with caution. Kiki expresses her doubts.
Wednesday, May 10, 202311:40 AMS55 E153 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 4/17/18)Dante remains supportive. Lulu gets an idea for a story. Alexis has a surprise. Kim makes her intentions clear.
Wednesday, May 10, 202312:30 PMS55 E154 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 4/18/18)Anna strikes out, but pushes on. Elizabeth offers words of encouragement. Kiki runs into Molly. Jordan gets a lead.
Wednesday, May 10, 20231:20 PMS55 E155 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 4/19/18)Chase catches Sonny off-guard. Liz sympathizes with Franco’s possible triggers.
Wednesday, May 10, 20232:10 PMS55 E156 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 4/20/18)Griffin comforts Ava. Carly is at her wit’s end. Sonny receives a welcome phone call. Lulu updates Peter
Wednesday, May 10, 20233:00 PMS55 E157 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 4/23/18Ava is her own worst enemy. Jordan is backed into a corner. Anna makes a confession. Nina plays hostess.
Wednesday, May 10, 20233:50 PMS55 E158 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 4/24/18)Nelle uses the situation to her advantage. Diane doesn’t have the best news. Carly sits down with Kevin to discuss recent events.
Wednesday, May 10, 20234:40 PMS55 E159 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 4/25/18)Finn worries about Alexis’ well-being. Oscar makes plans with Drew. Jordan questions Curtis’ intentions.
Wednesday, May 10, 20235:30 PMS55 E160 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 4/26/18)Anna pays Alexis a visit. Sam comes through for an old friend. Lulu has an awkward run in with Maxie.
Wednesday, May 10, 20236:20 PMS55 E161 – General Hospital (Original Airdate: 4/27/18)Anna comes clean. Franco struggles between two evils. Sonny, Dante and Diane consider their options.

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